WiFi controlled Indoor Farm

Experience the magic of growing.

There is a certain thrill and joy in consuming what you grow.

Having your endless organic supply of pesticide-free crunchy lettuce, fruits and herbs at home.

Recommended for anyone interested in fresh tasting food. No green thumb needed.

- Joel, Agrihome user, Tomato lover

  • 1. Begin your journey

    Choose the seeds/ seedlings you wish to grow, sow them, and embark on your indoor gardening adventure. Seeds are provided with every order.

  • 2. Watch them flourish

    Provide regular water and nutrients, then sit back as you witness the speedy and automated growth of your plants to maturity.

  • 3. Enjoy the bounty harvest!

    Harvest, cook, eat, and repeat! Experiment with an infinite variety of plants. Enjoy the nutritious freshness without refrigeration and harmful chemicals.

Everything about the FarmTower

✅ Smart Vertical Garden: Grow 56 Plants in Just 2 sq-ft

✅ Modular Construction - choose between 1 to 4 levels

✅ Upgradable expandable system for more planting capacity

✅ Travel with an ease of mind with our FarmTower's automated Lighting & Watering

✅ Freedom to Grow Anything, No Expensive Refills Required

✅ Professional-Grade Grow Lights 15W LED bars, with 1 year warranty

✅ Made with Food Safe uPVC and ABS

✅ Anti- mosquito in-built design

✅ Smartphone App for Convenient Control & Monitoring

✅ Silent Pump System is practically noise-less.

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