Seedlings (Corporate orders only)

All About Seedlings

The FarmTower experience is better than ever, with our seedlings! They are grown by our Horticulture Teams with love and care so that you can walk in the next day with a new set of seedlings already planted in your FarmTower. Additional nutrient top-ups and maintenance is also done to ensure your FarmTower is always clean, presentable and operational. We do a lot of behind the scenes work to ensure our customers have the best experience.

How do I order and choose my seedlings?

Our customer service team will share with you our list of available seedlings choices and also liaise with you on the best time to deliver your seedlings to ensure that the plants are at their healthiest and freshest when they are delivered. 

Note: There is a minimum order of 100 seedlings per order.

How do I plant the seedlings into my FarmTower?

All planting of seedlings will be handled by your personal urban farmer on the day of delivery and servicing. This will ensure the highest success for these delicate baby seedlings as they move into their new home.

Your seedlings will arrive with their roots well established in a peat moss plug and pre-planted in their new net cups by our horticulturist at our farms. Your personal urban farmer will replace the any harvested plants with a new young seedling in for you during the scheduled servicing visits. You may join in on the harvests during our weekly/ fortnightly visits.


Learn what makes our seedlings so great and sets them apart!

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Pre-Sprouted Seedlings

We start your seedlings in our greenhouse to give you a head start on growing and harvesting food for your table! Seedlings are 3 - 4 weeks old when they arrive at your door with all of the hard work of sowing and germination already done.

Our worry-free seedlings side-step germination issues and shorten our growers' harvest windows. Most varieties are ready to harvest within 3 - 4 weeks of planting because of this head start!

High-Quality Seeds

We strive to source high-quality, non-GMO, and organic seeds! While we grow all of our seedlings in accordance with organic guidelines and never use GMO seeds, some varieties may not use organic seeds due to supply constraints. While users are encouraged to germinate their own, seeds sourced from unknown sources may produce differing germination rates depending on the country origin and age. 


Over 24 varieties and more to choose from

We have an extensive list of over 24 seedlings to choose from. Ranging from local and Mediterranean herbs, vegetables, tomatoes, peppers and flowers. 

Check in with your personal urban farmer for the latest nursery inventory, and start planning for the next visits.

Our R&D team is also continuously expanding our nursery seedling selection, so do expect new seedling varieties from time to time! Speak to your personal urban farmer to find out more.


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Sustainable Grow Medium

The grow medium we use to sprout our seedlings is a mix of organic coco coir and sustainably sourced peat moss. A stable medium that is suitable for hydroponics.

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The AGRIHOME Guarantee

In the event the seedlings do not do well, you can report an issue with your seedling order by reaching out to your customer service representative on WhatsApp. We will gladly assist you over the phone/ onsite to resolve your problem.

In the event your seedlings reaches an unsalvageable condition, we will always provide you with a complimentary replacement of another seedling on the next visit.

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