Hydroponics Workshops

hydroponics workshop

Join Our Introduction to Hydroponics Workshop!

- Family and office friendly 1 hour interactive workshop

- Our workshop will teach participants how to build their own tabletop vegetable/ herb garden, complete with an motorised aerator.

- Each participant will get to take home a self-running tabletop hydroponics system, that comes with 6 pre-germinated edible herb and vegetables ready to harvest in 3 weeks.

- Additional packets of seeds will be provided to the group for anyone interested in growing more types of greens.

- Choice of 3 types of vegetable seedlings from our curated list of non-GMO pregerminated seedlings (Note that the 3 types have to be standardized for all participants across each workshop)

Are you passionate about gardening but lack outdoor space? Do you want to grow fresh herbs/ vegetables right in your own home? Look no further! Introduction to Hydroponics Workshop is here to help you get started with the art of microfarming and hydroponics.

What is hydroponics?
Hydroponics is a revolutionary gardening technique that allows plants to grow without soil. Instead, they are nourished by a nutrient-rich water solution. It's a space-saving, water-efficient, and sustainable way to grow plants in any environment.

What can participants expect?
During our workshop, you will gain hands-on experience and practical knowledge about:
- The principles and benefits of hydroponics
- Choosing the right vegetables for indoor cultivation
- Setting up and maintaining a hydroponic system
- Plant propagation techniques, seed germination and harvesting
- Seed germination, plant lifecycles, and nutrient management for hydroponic systems
- Take home your very own growing hydroponic setup with ready-to-harvest organic greens in 3 weeks

Why attend our workshop?

1) Expert Guidance: Learn from experienced hydroponics enthusiasts and horticulturists who will guide you throughout the workshop.

2) Interactive Experience: Get hands-on experience and build your own hydroponics system with our beginner's kit.

3) Take Home Your Own System: Each participant will receive a tabletop hydroponics kit to take home. 

4) Additional Nutrients and Seeds:  Additional nutrient solution and seeds (Bak Choy, Lettuce, Basil) will be given so that participants have the option to explore growing new kinds of vegetables. 

5) Workshop Materials: Receive comprehensive workshop materials and resources to refer to even after the workshop ends.

6) Networking Opportunities: Connect with fellow gardening enthusiasts, share ideas and the love of urban gardening with other fellow participants.

7) Discounts on Agrihome products:  Interested workshop participants can get exclusive discounts to our indoor popular indoor 4-tier Hydroponics Rig.

Community Workshop Details:
Date: 16 July (full) , 12 August
Time: 11am - 12pm
Location: 634B Tampines North Drive 2
Workshop Fee: $50
Community class size: 8- 10 Pax (at our location)
Corporate class size: 30 pax minimum (at your location)

Don't miss this incredible opportunity to grow your very own table-top herb garden. Join us at our workshop and reserve your spot today by contacting us via Whatsapp at +65 92236225 or agrihomesg@gmail.com.

*Note: For corporate workshop enquiries, please fill in your company information below (Company pax, Office location, Workshop date) and our customer service team will get back to you.