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FarmTower Plant Food

FarmTower Plant Food

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FarmTower Plant Food consists of:

- 1x Plant Nutrient A
- 1x Plant Nutrient B

Hydroponic Plant Food Nutrients A&B formula was designed as a two-part nutrient to ensure maximum growth potential. All primary nutrients are included in the formula to promote healthy, lush vegetative growth.

Our formula is pH balanced with little to no pH up/down required. Some applications may vary.

Directions: Dilute 5ml of nutrient A and 5ml of Nutrient B into 1 liter of water as a basic calculation. Depend on how many liters is the water tank. (For example, if the water tank is 50 liters, then use 250ml of SET A + 250ml of SET B.)

For more accurate nutrient measurement, use a digital EC Meter to ensure that nutrient level is between 800-1500PPM.

For the Refill powder pack, the product will come as 2 sachets of Nutrient A and 2 sachets of Nutrient B, which will make 2000ml of Nutrient A and 2000ml of Nutrient B. Perfect for reusing your old bottles and reduce our carbon footprint. 

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