Hydroponics Benefits for Education

Kok Fah Technology Farm | Cambridge @ FernvaleIntroduction: Preschools and learning institutes are always in search of innovative and engaging ways to enhance their curriculum and provide valuable learning experiences to their students. One such opportunity lies in partnering with Agrihome, a leading hydroponics company, specialising in indoor systems. Agrihome offers a comprehensive range of hydroponics equipment and seedlings, along with a full white glove service that takes care of every aspect of the hydroponics growing process. In this blog post, we will explore the numerous benefits of partnering with Agrihome and how it can revolutionize the learning environment for children.

1. Hassle-free Maintenance: Agrihome's white glove service is designed to alleviate the burden of maintenance and servicing from school staff. From germination to harvesting, Agrihome's service team handles all the necessary tasks, allowing school staff and children to focus on the joy of growing rather than worrying about technicalities. The monthly visits from the service team ensure healthy growth and replenishment of new seedlings, ensuring a continuous learning experience for the students.
2. Expert Support: Agrihome understands the importance of uninterrupted learning. That's why their customer service team is available 24/7, ready to address any concerns or troubleshoot issues promptly. Moreover, the presence of a dedicated horticulturist and systems expert ensures that schools receive professional guidance whenever needed, making the entire hydroponics process smooth and efficient.
3. Diverse Seedling Selection: With Agrihome, schools have access to over 15 varieties of non-GMO vegetable seedlings grown at their nursery. These seedlings are allergen-free, organic, and provide a healthy option for kids. By growing these seedlings, children get to understand the origins of their food, fostering an appreciation for the journey from seed to table. This hands-on experience encourages healthy eating habits and nurtures a deeper connection with the food they consume.
4. Educational Opportunities: Hydroponics offers an incredible platform for learning, particularly in the realm of plant biology. By observing the monthly growth cycle of the vegetables, students gain a real-life, visual, and sensory understanding of plant development. They witness the magic of germination, the wonders of root systems, and the power of photosynthesis. This immersive experience enhances their knowledge of botany and instills curiosity about the natural world. Watching the vegetable plants grow daily beats that one-time excursion trip to the vegetable farm.
5. Most affordable smart hydroponics solution in the market. Its even engraved as one of the 4 values in our ethos: SIMPLE | AFFORDABLE | COMPACT | ORGANIC. Check out our comparison chart below.
6. Curriculum Enhancement: Agrihome goes beyond just providing equipment and seedlings. We offer learning and educational resources on hydroponics, nutrition, and vegetables that schools can integrate into their curriculum. These resources provide a wealth of information, enabling educators to incorporate hydroponics as a valuable teaching tool across various topics, like sustainability, plants, food science and nutrition.


Conclusion: Partnering with Agrihome opens up a world of possibilities for preschools and learning institutes. Through hydroponics, children can engage in hands-on visual learning, develop a deeper understanding of plant biology, and cultivate a love for healthy eating. Agrihome's white glove service and expert support ensure a hassle-free experience, allowing educators to focus on maximizing the educational benefits. So why wait? Embrace the future of learning with Agrihome and unlock the potential of hydroponics in your institution today!


For Offices

  • Entice employees back to the workplace.
  • Develop Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives.
  • Promote sustainability, self-sufficiency, and food security.
  • Encourage better eating and improved physical health.
  • Support employee mental wellbeing.
  • Boost morale. Improve productivity. Create a sense of place.
  • Grow fresh food on site.
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For Hospitalities

  • Farm-to-table produce in meters and minutes!
  • Allow your diners to see the fresh produce that they will be eating in 15 minutes!
  • A decorative wall feature. Green walls are quite common in restaurants. Why not have the world’s first edible one?
  • Showcase sustainability and self-sufficiency.
  • A health statement. Produce starts to lose its nutritional content from the moment it is harvested.
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For Schools

  • Stay competitive and up-to-date within the pre-school and child care industry
  • Easy and fun educational opportunities on nature and plant biology
  • Real-time, visual, and sensory understanding of plant development from seed to harvest
  • Grow child's positive reinforcement towards vegetables and healthy eating
  • Monthly take-home harvest activity for the children/ students
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What it includes

A FULL SERVICE OFFERING. A subscription-based Farming as a Service (FaaS), we are there to assist every step of the way – we do the dirty work, and you get the freshest produce!

An Edible Wall Filled with Fresh Produce​

  • Delivery and assembly of Agrihome FarmTower.
  • Introductory training on the product, vertical farming methods and soilless growing.

Fortnightly visits from your Personal Urban Farmer

  • Fresh seedlings are delivered and planted as you harvest mature plants.
  • Plant nutrients to keep your crops looking healthy!
  • Nutrient optimization. Different crops need different food!
  • Weekly harvesting sessions.
  • Pest management techniques to keep your indoor farm healthy!
  • Friendly informal onsite urban farming discussions and interaction.

Maintenance and Upkeep

  • Quarterly cleaning and maintenance service of equipment.
  • Full support. A private chat and ‘on the day’ in person attendance upon request.

Lifetime Service Warranty

  • Broke a light? Fret not. Our monthly fee covers all part replacements at no additional cost.




  • Agrihome FarmTower requires power for irrigation and lighting.
  • Two standard 13 Amp power points are adequate.
  • The minimum installation of 3 stacks consumes: 360W power for lights, 15W power for water pump
  • Both are controlled by timer systems.


  • Agrihome uses a closed-loop irrigation system. No access to mains water is necessary.
  • Each weekly maintenance visit refills the reservoir with water and plant nutrients.


  • Our minimum enterprise installation requires 2m of indoor wall space.
  • Reservoir depth is 45cm deep from the wall and stacks to 195cm tall.

Customer Maintenance

  • Nothing required, but we welcome you to get involved with the harvests!
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