Gift a Green gift this Christmas

With Christmas round the corner, we know its gifting season. But before you commence your annual last minute shopping for artificially-scented shower gels...

We've been busy preparing something new and different, a green gift like no other, a gift box featuring our selection of 6 different Microgreen kits.

We even have 2 options, for the budget conscious folks who follow a $20/ $30 gift exchange budget. So hurry and drop your pre-order now.

 Directions for use:

Toss in a salad. Sprinkle on top of grilled fish or meat. Mix into scrambled eggs or omelets. Blend into a smoothie. Use as topping on soup or pasta. Add to a sandwich for extra texture. Garnish hummus or other dips.



Every component in the kit is designed with sustainability in mind, from the coco coir to the eco-packaging, and locally sourced non-GMO seeds. Users can re-use the used coco coir as soil compost after each use.