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Sustainable and eco-friendly weddings are all the rage these days, and with more couples being more environmentally conscious, this trend is here to stay. Complete your low or zero waste wedding with sustainable and eco-friendly wedding favours that would inspire your guests to journey along with you to reuse, recycle and reduce for the betterment of our planet.

Your guests won't appreciate "John ❤️ Jane" coasters and mugs, no matter how thoughtful and practical. In fact half of such tacky gifts end up being left behind after the wedding is over. 
Don't let these small experiences ruin your meticulously planned wedding.
And who says green wedding favours have to be expensive and boring?

Our Microgreen kit, blooms into an edible planter in just 7-14 days, is perfect for people of all ages, and uniquely customised for your special occasion.

Couples looking for a  sustainable and eco-friendly gift for their guests, will also be glad to know we have a full range of microgreen varieties to choose from.

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Directions for using harvested microgreens:

Toss in a salad. Sprinkle on top of grilled fish or meat. Mix into scrambled eggs or omelets. Blend into a smoothie. Use as topping on soup or pasta. Add to a sandwich for extra texture. Garnish hummus or other dips.




If you are an environmentally conscious couple, you'll be glad to know that every component in the kit is designed with sustainability in mind, from the coco coir to the eco-packaging, and locally sourced non-GMO seeds. Users can re-use the used coco coir as garden compost after each use.


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