Do I save money growing hydroponics vegetables?

Not all systems are made equal, but with the right lighting solutions (energy efficient LEDs) and reliable nutrient solutions, we can obtain bountiful and affordable harvests from our FarmTowers.

Don't just take my word for it, here are our tried and tested calculations:

1) FarmTower Yield Breakdown
56 plants per 5 weeks
134 plants per 3 months (12 weeks)

Variable cost per month : $26
Cost Breakdown:

  • $8 fertiliser
  • $12 electricity lights
  • $2 electricity pump
  • $3 seeds
  • $1 water

Variable cost per plant: 26*3/134 = $0.58  per plant

Weight of harvested tray of 14 Bak Choy plants: 1.75kg
Cost per harvested tray of 14 Bak Choy plants: $0.58 *14 = $8.12

2) Supermarket price (Cheapest organic brand: Zhenxin organic)
BakChoy 200g $3.10 (as of 2 Aug 23)
1.75kg $27.13

3) Cost comparison for 1.75kg Bak Choy ($8.12 Agrihome VS $27.13 supermarket)

Conclusion: Our FarmTower grown Bak Choy cost 70% cheaper than the supermarket organic bakchoy as of 2 August. Savings will differ based on the type of vegetables/ fruits grown.

Note: We used net harvested weight as the unbiased comparison here, as vegetables size may differ across both harvest comparisons.

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