We’re thrilled about the launch of the Agrihome FarmTower and FarmTower Mini - the ultimate indoor garden system for growing a continuous supply of nutritious greens. One of the driving forces behind the product is our founder, Joel. We asked him to share his insights into the background and mission of the product. Here’s what he had to say!

How was the concept of the Agrihome Hydroponics Tower born?

The Covid pandemic has taught us a major lesson on food shortage and food sustainability, which had me looking for a solution: Hydroponics.

There are already popular table-top smart garden systems in the market, which pioneered the indoor farming scene. These setups with 3 to 9 planting spaces are great entryways for people looking to explore smart indoor farming.

After researching for some time, we wanted a large enough yield system that can cater to a family of 4 and fulfil their nutritional needs by providing a variety of greens. While also keeping within a 60x 30cm footprint which takes up no larger the floor space of a chair. Our focus was on creating a price-friendly and user-friendly automated device that can grow fresh and nutritious food every day. With up to 4 tiers of planting area, you can afford to plant a wide variety of crops and herbs on a weekly basis. I personally recommend a staggered weekly harvest rotation per tier with different plant stages to ensure you get a constant supply of greens year round.

agrihome at home

How do you see this new product carrying on Agrihome's mission?

It’s carrying on the mission in the most practical way, which is basically 2 things. 1) Food Sustainability and 2) Healthy Eating.

Food sustainability has always been a huge emphasis, not just for Singapore's food security but also for preserving the only green planet we have. We want to share this planet for future generations, and show that food sustainability can begin with us individuals at home.

Eating healthy needs no introduction. With Agrihome FarmTower, you can witness the growth process and consume the organic produce every day, leading to a better understanding of how the food is grown and how plants support our vitamin intake. Observing the growth cycles of your crops, provides a deeper appreciation of the farm to table process that we often miss out.

Check our our range of products - The FarmTower and FarmTower Mini. The Mini offers the same automation and aesthetics as the bigger brother, with growing 2 tiers instead of 4.

Grow your salad today.

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